Favorite Products

I won’t bore you with all the “Snake Oil” products that I’ve tried and hated, but I will let you know what worked for me. These products have to be the best of the best,  trust me I’m a tough customer!

Hair Care:

Shampoo and Conditioner – Matrix Biolage Sleek Line
(some of the best conditioner I’ve ever used)
Shine Product – Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum
(use mid-shaft & lower for awesome shine)
Brush – Goody Start Style Finish Volumizing Round Brush
(better than my $30 brushes)
Blowout Product – Umberto Blow Dry Lotion
(This eliminates friz and makes my hair perfect)
Hair Wraps – No Particular Brand
(I shower at night, wrap my hair and blow dry in the morning. Takes me from 45 minutes of blow drying to 15!!)
Dry Shampoo –Batiste Dry Shampoo in Medium & Brunette

(This is the best for my dark hair and I’ve tried quite a few, it leaves no white cast!)

Bath and Body: 

  • Body wash – Caldrea Body Wash in Coconut Fig Leaf   (Oh my! This is heavenly with a hefty price tag of $18 for 11.5 oz)


Eye shadows palette –

Too Faced Chocolate Bar – I thought this was all going to be a gimmick, but the colors are fantastic and all work well together!!

Mascara –

High(er) end: Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara – This is the perfect amount of wetness to allow me to build up my lashes with out clumping and I can also reapply later in the day and they still look great.

Low end:Maybelline One By One in Blackest Black  – I’ve used everything drugstore to high end and this is my all time favorite!  It’s getting harder to find and I hope they aren’t discontinuing it!


Doir Pore Minimizer – I’m a grease ball, this is the only thing to keep the oil at bay and fill in my huge pores. It’s $42, so not too bad.

Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer – While not as filling as the Doir, this primer is also great a mattifing. It’s also available in a travel size at Sephora for $16 for .5 ounces or $36 for 1 ounce (It irks me when they think we can’t do math..grrr). I use them in combo for the best and an unfortunately super expensive combo!

Setting Powder –

Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder – Good grief that’s a long name, but this stuff is magic! You can NOT over powder with this stuff and it’s like soft focus for your face. It’s also pricy at $36, but I’ve been using it for over a year every day and still have more than 1/2 left, well worth it in my book . I have very tan skin and most “translucent” powders sit on top of my skin and are very visible, but this one is really just magic…no other words describe it.

Foundation- Coming soon!

Skin Care: Coming soon!


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