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I was contacted by the Born Pretty Store to check out their website and review some of their products! I was able to choose up to 5 items valued up to $15…at first I thought that would be impossible, I mean $15 barely buys one drugstore product…well I was pleasantly mistaken, in fact I only ended up spending $12.90! Of course these products are going to be junk, right? Nope, not by a long shot. Looking for a $1.74 dupe for a $21 product? Keep reading…

Here is what I picked:

2 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil & Eyebrow Brush Set – $1.74!!


On the top Ansatasia Brow Wiz and Born Pretty Store #1 on the bottom. Next the rub test, both came off at the same rate.


Added the #3 swatch and the last photo is after I washed my hands…only ones left are the Born Pretty Store ones! I wasn’t even planning on doing this last photo, but after washing my hand (well) they were still there!

I have a love of brow products and had to start there. I chose 2 brow pencils in #1 and #3, dark brown and very dark brown almost black. The kicker?? The formula is almost the same as my Brow Wiz! They actually lasted longer on my swatch test, although I didn’t see any difference in wear time on my bows. The two things I didn’t like was the twist up moved when I was applying, not a deal breaker for a $19 savings. The second is the reason this won’t replace my Brow Wiz, the size of the product is much thicker. It’s almost twice the thickness of the Brow Wiz, that said these are fantastic for the price and they will most definitely be added to my traveling makeup bag that I keep in my purse. They are really, really good!

Next choice was these cute lip glosses, called Cute Fruit Kiss -$1.99

These are sent out at random and I received the cute cherry one. The gloss is sheer pink color and the packaging is super cute. I would pick up more of these!

Then I picked a Cute Fruit Shaped Hand Cream – $3.52

Again I didn’t get to pick, but was sent the Pear shaped one. It has a light scent and is light weight hand cream. While it’s not super moisturizing, it did absorb instantly and smelled great. My biggest pet peeve with hand creams is if they leave my hands a greasy mess, this one didn’t leave any residue behind and look how cute they are! (They don’t come with a face, it just looked like a pear)

Lastly I choose a Cute Colored Konjak Facial Cleansing Sponge – $2.99

These colors are also sent at random and I received the green sponge. Sephora sells these for $15, but there is really nothing proprietary about them, they have been used in Asian skin care for 100’s of years. Some companies claim to have infused clay or charcoal into the sponge, but it’s a sponge and once you wring out the sponge a few times all that infusion has been washed away.  Born Pretty Store will be my new source for my Konjack sponges!!

Over all I loved everything I picked and I’m shocked that I didn’t have a dud in the bunch!! The shipping did take a few weeks, so I couldn’t use them for last minute purchases, but I will definitely be ordering more of their products. They carry so many things and the prices are unbelievable…seriously how can they sell it for these prices??!!!?? Born Pretty Store was nice enough to provide a promo code for you! You can save an additional 10%!

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One thought on “Born Pretty Store

  1. I love Born Pretty Store. The wait for shipping (typically 3-6 weeks for their regular shipping) can suck, but by then I usually forget about it and then it’s like a big surprise all over again. Their nail art prices are so amazing. I buy lots of gems, water decals, fimo etc from them. I also LOVE the Lucky Bag grab bags. I always add atleast one of the 3 itme .99 cent ones and sometimes will also grab the .99 cent 2 pc water decal or the $1.49 2 pc stamp plate one.
    Love BPS!

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