Ipsy Glam Bag May 2014

“It’s Ipsy bag time”, as my favorite youtuber stilakiss33 would say! Well this months bag is a super cute canvas bag with a green leaf pattern and green zipper. I think this is the first canvas bag I’ve received from them, so the change is nice. Now on to the products in the bag:

Therapy Session Hair Mask 60 mL

First up was a hair mask from Eva.Nye, a brand I’ve never heard of. The packaging is bright and springish, but the smell, oh dear god the smell! One of the girls on MUT (makeuptalk.com) said it smelled like “bad breath” and she’s kinda right. I don’t know if I want to use this and have to smell my hair all day. Full size 2.03oz value $12 (-$200 for the smell)

Up next was a sunscreen from Hang Ten with SPF 50. I remember this brand being cool when I was a kid, I really love the colorful packaging and the cute feet. This product adsorbed quickly and has a light tropical fragrance. Over all I will use this, but it’s not really exciting.  Full size 3.4 oz  $12.99, I received a deluxe sample 1 oz valued at $3.85.

I also received a Pacifica eyeshadow duo #1, a light champagne and golden bronze color. I’ll be honest I didn’t open this, I have so many shadows in these colors I know it would just sit and not be used. I was curious about the quality and formula, so I searched and found most people found it to be chalky with little color payoff and the lid breaks off very easily.  I was planning on gifting it, but who do I dislike enough to give a chalky/cheap eyeshadow??? It looks like this was made exclusivity for Ipsy, so as far as value goes…a full size shadow sells for $14.

Product Image

Again I received a microdermabrasion product, last month I received the Dr. Brant’s one. Come on Ipsy mix it up a bit!! Could it be a dupe for the Dr. Brant? It is in very different packaging, but the size of the exfoliatior beads and the smell is the exact same. I will be doing a side by side later this week to verfi this and will update this post.  Full size is 2 oz and $32, I received  1 oz valued at $16.

Last but not least was the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive. I was really hoping to get this, I have a few of the Colorburst Stains and love em. Unfortunately this color really washed me out, I had a “under the weather” kind of look. Not Cute! The product it’s self was nice, creamy application that dried down to a soft matte finish. I would purchase another color from this line and think Revlon makes very nice lip crayons.  Full sized $6.50.


I was less then impressed by the contents of my bag, sorry to  be a Debbie Downer. In fact I almost didn’t blog this bag, if you don’t have something nice to say….well here I’ll just said it. I still love my Ipsy subscription and for $10 a month it’s totally worth it. I will say out of all the bags I’ve gotten this was my first boo bag, they really do a great job…most of the time! The total value of my bag was $52.35, but for me the value is just $17. $16 for the scrub and $1 for the sunscreen (that’s what I’d pay for a tube of Coppertone) plus the bags value.