Glossybox September 2014 Collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar Full List of Spoilers

Glossybox September 2014 Collaboration with Harper’s Bazzar!

This months Glossybox is a collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar! I find most of their collaborations to be fantastic, although none will ever beat the Bergdorf collaboration. To be clear, this is the regular September box and not an additional for purchase box, so every subscriber will be enjoying this. They are placing a value of $60 on this box, here’s the breakdown:

OCC  Lip Tar (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tar - MetallicBlack DaliaObsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tar - MetallicAuthentic

This first one is what I’m most excited to get, I own a few of these and they are really different from your normal lip product. They are like a stain in there lasting ability, but you can easily mix them to create custom shades. The options are Black Dalia (a gorgeous berry red) or Authentic (a orange shimmer that’s wearable).  They are each FULL SIZED!!! .33oz with a value of  $18! This makes the box for me, so happy to get one of these!!

Vichy Liftactiv Night

LiftActiv DayDay CreamLiftActiv NightNight Cream

So I had a little trouble finding the item pictured in the spoiler photo, it’s a white jar and all the Vichy night creams are blue?!?! Maybe the sample is just provided in a white jar? I’m not 100% sure what to think…ether way the creams run $50 for 1.7 oz and claim to combat the signs of skin aging by visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles & helping to boost skin’s firmness. The size in the box is 0.51 oz with a value of $14.70.

Benefit, they’re real! Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics - They're Real! Mascara

Not this old thing again! Well for those of you who love it this maybe an exciting item, but for me I’ve received too many of these to care. The formula isn’t my favorite (some people love it), I find it dry, the wand to be blah and most importantly my lashes don’t look anywhere fake or good for that matter. I have tried the full sized and the sample size, both yielded the same lack luster lashes. The size will be 0.1 oz with a value of $7.66.


Essie She’s Pampered or Essie Madison Ave-Hue

essie® Nail Color - Winter TrendsShe’s Pampered    madison ave hue - pinks by essie Madison Ave-Hue

This is the other FULL SIZED product!! The colors a both wearable and the brand is one I enjoy, double score, I think She’s Pampered is my favorite of the two. Nice to see this brand and pricing runs $8.50 per 0.5 oz polish.





Bvlgari Eau Parfume eau thé vert Conditioner or Bvlgari Eau Parfume eau thé blanc Conditioner

This will be the second month in a row I’ve received conditioner, but at least last month we also received the shampoo. I know Glossybox likes to send out this brand, but this item looks like it’s been discontinued! The same thing happened with a Bvlgari parfume in October or November  of last year. The only place selling this is amazon…$6.66 2.53 fl oz.


Overall I’m excited to get this box, the lip tar and polish are A+ for me. As far as the face cream, I’ve tried the brand and wasn’t overly impressed, although I really enjoy La Roche Posay (a sister brand to Vichy) so I’ll give it a shot. The mascara and conditioner are going to be re-gifted to a friend who will like them more. The total value for this box is $55.52 with most of the value being in the products I like!


5 thoughts on “Glossybox September 2014 Collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar Full List of Spoilers

  1. Oh man I really wanted to re-sub for this box but I’m glad I didn’t… Glossybox just kind of lost me with the weird stuff they started to send me… like I never got the “variation” that I liked. The problem with this for me was I only wanted Black Dahlia lip tar, didn’t care about the mascara (got too many in these sub boxes), ALSO got the bvlgari thing last year, and only wanted the Vichy night cream… so for just a night cream and the Essie polishes, it probably wasn’t worth a signup :(.

  2. They have also changed their cancellation policy and you now have to cancel by the 15th the month prior or you will be charged for the following month! What are they thinking?!?!?! My yearly ends in November and after that we’ll see if I stay.

  3. Wow that’s awful… I don’t understand the logic, I keep seeing on forums that everyone’s unsubscribing from Glossybox, so I don’t understand what their customer retention policies are… $21/month is pretty steep if you’re not getting at least 3-4 items you like each month, imo…. Ipsy is only $10 and I still get mad when I don’t like at least 3-4 items, lol

  4. I had Ipsy for almost a year and every month I’d be wowed at the value…until I took a look at my instagram and realized how few of the products I used and liked. I haven’t missed it at all. I’m currently getting Birchbox, Glossybox and Sample Society. What are your favorites?

    • I used to get Birchbox, Ipsy and Glossybox for about a year or so, but I got really disappointed with Birchbox because of their teeny tiny sample sizes and not sending out enough makeup. I stopped Glossybox a couple of months ago because I got a couple boxes I wasn’t wowed by and they kept sending out face cream and I have a whole drawer of untouched creams I have to go through as it is, lol. So I’m only left with ipsy right now… the variety is just enough to keep me semi interested and plus their points system lets me get extra stuff.

      I was wondering about Boxycharm, people seem to love that one. I’ve also gotten the quarterly Allure box (the one you have to sign up for in like 20 minutes because it sells out every quarter lol).

      Oh and I almost forgot, I signed up for the Walmart box but mine hasn’t arrived yet… I hope I like what’s inside, it was only $5, you only pay for shipping and everything in the box is free.

      How’s Sample Society?

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