Birchbox August 2014


I finally broke down and subscribed to Birchbox. This subscription never appealed to me, the samples seem small and they send many brands I don’t recognize.  I found a deal on Gilt City* (sorry it’s sold out) that made this sub better than free, with their points system I will be a head $5 or $10 and still receive a year of boxes. That was too good to pass up…but on to the goodies,

Let us start with the good…the very good:


I love this Laura Geller Cool Lids cream eyeshadow in Silver Sands. It went on smoothly and blended well, great summer color or as a highlight with nice shimmer/glitter. This is a deluxe sample which I though was small, until I looked up the full size. The full size is .27 oz and costs $19, I received .17 oz with a value of $12.59! Even more than the value is that I will use this product.

Up next is a brand I’m only familiar with because of Birchbox (people on MUT complain this brand is sent out too much):


Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream has a very sweet scent with a hint of citrus and although this is labeled a body cream the 15 ml size is too small for my whole body. I will use this as a hand cream and the packaging is less than 1/2 full, that was not a defect, they just sized the sample to look larger…boo.  The full size is 12 oz for $22, my sample is worth .91.

This next item can be purchased at some Targets and at Target online:


Nugg Face Mask in revitalizing, right of the bat I’m hesitant to use this because it boasts flax-seed and peppermint oil. My concern is the peppermint oil, that sounds like a skin irritant and my skin is extremely happy right now. I wish I’d received a calming or moisturizing or really anything else. This is a single use, but I’m sure with .33oz of product you could get at least 2 uses and it’s valued at $2.99.

Last and *@#! least


Neil George Shampoo and Conditioner, ugh! I hate getting hair products and shampoo with conditioner is the worst!! First off I have the perfect s/c for me and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. Next is my hair is super long and most conditioner samples end up being single use, not a great way to know if you like the product or not. Lastly these smell like poo…no thanks. Okay they don’t really smell like poo, just not a good smell to me. They are larger than most S/C samples at 1.69 oz, the full size runs $44 for 16 oz each and mine are a value of $4.64 each (ya, no)


Overall this is my 2nd Birchbox and it was okay, not great but fine with a value of $25.87. What makes this sub great are the points, you get 1 point for every dollar you spend with them and 10 points for each review. So for this box I will get 50 points that = $5 to spend in the Birchbox shop. They carry items I would purchase anyway so it ends up being a good deal for me.

*The Gilt City deal was $99 for a year of Birchbox and $25 credit in the Birchbox store, I also found a $20 off your first purchase at Gilt, that made it $79….but I also used Ebates for another $2.79!! If you don’t use ebates…you’re crazy!! Grand total $76.03 for 12 months =$6.33 a month, but I’ll receive $5 per month for reviews and the initial $25 credit. So all in all I get $85 in credit to spend in their store and all my boxes “free” yay!!

If you don’t use ebates, YOU NEED TO!!!


One thought on “Birchbox August 2014

  1. I’ve gotten 2 boxes now and am really sad with what’s being sent out now. I don’t know if I’m just pickier now or what, but I’m not feeling the boxes. I’ve also received 2 supergoop samples and both are smaller than my pinky. It’s not looking to be a great start to the year with them. Boo on small hair samples!

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