Glossybox April 2014 Review *update*

GLOSSYBOX April 2014

This months Glossybox came with 5 items, 3 being full sized. All the boxes contained the same items with variations in the color of the nail polish, 13 different colors sent and 3 different fragrances of the body wash.  I must say this box was not my favorite, but here are my thoughts on what I received.


Body WashThe best product in my box hands down is the Caldera Body Wash. I received Coconut Fig Leaf and while they claim this is a brightening and free-radical fighting product, what really made me fall in love was the fragrance. It’s love at first wash and even with the $18 price tag it’s something I MUST have. The brand wasn’t on my radar prior to me recieving their hand soap in last months Popsugar box, which I also loved.  Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Paint Pot

This full sized Caite Nail Polish was what I was most excited to try out, unfortunately I received the color Snow Virgin (pictured above). Other then a french manure or some form of nail art, what would I do with this??? I can tell you I’d never spend $15 on a white nail polish…Bummer!

Vanilla Pink SUPER Gloss

This full sized Bellàpierre Vanilla Pink Super Gloss was another spoiler and I knew it would be in the box. I’ve recieved products from this brand before and was UN-impressed, I don’t believe for one second this brand has the value they place on it. I think it feels like dollar store quality, not even drugstore. No way in hell it’s worth $24!

Eyeshadow Sealer/Base

*Update: Stop Everything! This sucked as a eyeshadow primer, BUT rocked as a eyebrow primer. I use Anastasia Dip Brow and even as good as it is, I worry about wiping off a brow! I’m at 15 hours of wear and they look amazing, almost as good as freshly applied. No lie!!

This full sized La Splash eyeshadow primer is designed for glitter eyeshadow. I hoped it would work with some beautiful eyeshadow I own that are glitter bombs (yeah I’m talking about you Urban Decay). It’s states you should apply the shadow while the primer is still wet, but even wet I had major fall out and once it dried it made my other shadow impossible to blend. Swing and a miss on this one.  Full size $9

Relax Body Crème

My last product was this Aqua Spa body cream in lavender-camomile, while not full sized they did give us a generous amount to try.  This is a brand new company and they contacted me on Instagram to ask how I like their product. This was the 1st time a company had contacted me and I let them know if they sent me additional information on their brand I would include it here on my blog. I was told they would email me the next day…nope I never heard from them again. SO no inside scoop for you, just my honest opinion…I think the product felt nice on my hands but I hate the smell, while not too strong , it just wasn’t for me. The full size is $9 and not worth a trip to the dreaded Walmart to see if I like the other products.

Overall this box was blah….the one saving grace was the body wash, it’s fantastic!   Thank goodness the next box is going to be awesome, I’ve purchased 4 of Mays box! Why??? Check out my sneak peek and bonus post, you’ll be glad you did!


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