Allure Summer Beauty Box 2014 *Updated*

Allure Beauty Box Summer 2014 Contents

*Okay for everyone who wants to kill me for telling you about this deal:

Allure’s servers/website had a major malfunction and very, very few people were able to purchase a box , I’m talking just 300 to 400. So they are going to “reset” the sale for May 6th at 9am pacific/12pm eastern. The same link above should take you there at that time. Good luck and sorry for anyone who threw their computer across the room this morning!

This link will go live tomorrow at 9AM pacific or 12PM eastern, last time I had to try multiple browsers because the link didn’t work properly. If you aren’t able to get the like to work after it goes live, try switching up your browser.

I’m debating if I will purchase this box or not, while it’s a great deal for $45+ $10 for shipping it’s SO hair care heavy. I grouped the items into 3 categories,Hair Care, Skin & Body, and Makeup:



4 thoughts on “Allure Summer Beauty Box 2014 *Updated*

    • It’s SO hairspray heavy and that is what I still have to work through from my Fall box. So I’m waffling back and forth, but I think I will try and get one. I will be on a field trip with my kiddo, so we’ll see how purchasing on my phone goes =p

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